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Family-friendly attractions in Pattaya

Over the years Pattaya has gained reputation for its infamous nightlife and vibrant beaches. This reputation is further ruined by Hollywood films, documentaries, and online travel blogs. But did you know that Pattaya is actually a wonderful family destination? There are plenty of family-friendly attractions and things to do in Pattaya but unfortunately, these kid-friendly spots have not been popularized in the media as much as they should have. It’s usually the wild and seedy side of Pattaya that seem to be getting all the attention. If you are interested to bring your family to Pattaya but you’re not sure where to begin, please keep reading.


Teddy Bear Museum

tours in Pattay_teddy musemThis adorable museum which opened in 2013 was made possible by the creativity of Korean businessman Kim Hyun Chol. He was inspired by how friendly and happy Thai people are so he figured that the teddy bear was a perfect symbol for expressing happiness and hospitality. When you enter the Teddy Bear Museum, you will be greeted by Teddy Bears in various costumes and setting. There is Teddy Bear dressed up as a mermaid, Teddy Bear in space, Teddy Bears on Mount Rushmore, prehistoric Teddy, Santa Clause Teddy, and many more. Your family will have fun taking pictures with all these cuddly cuties in their unique outfits and surroundings.


Supphatra Land Fruit Farm

As the name suggests, this is a tropical fruit farm. There are over twenty-five variety of fruits which are grown for selling to nearby markets. However, visitors are welcome to come take a look at the farm by riding in one of their tramcars and sample the succulent juicy fruits right off the trees. There are stalls at the farm that sell fresh fruits and vegetables for you to buy as a souvenir for friends or for your own consumption.


Art in Paradise

art_paradiseArt in Paradise is a 3D art museum that will sure please people who love to take pictures. The museum is divided into different galleries with massive paintings that focus on variety of sceneries ranging from jungle to outer space. These paintings are painted in a way that depending on the angle of the person posing in front of the painting and the person taking the picture, the result photo on your camera will look as if the flat painting is popping out from the wall or digging deep into the ground. The better you align your posing and camera angles, the more intense 3D effect you’ll achieve.


Cartoon Network Amazone

tours in PattayaIf you are looking for family-friendly Pattaya tours, the Cartoon Network Amazone should definitely be on your list. Cartoon Network is a satellite television channel that broadcasts mainly animated shows for kids. The Cartoon Network Amazone is a combination of a waterpark with the beloved cartoon characters from the various Cartoon Network shows. But don’t let the cartoon theme fool you, some of the rides are scarier than they look. Your heart will be pounding and some of you may be screaming with thrilling delight!


Khao Khiaw Open Zoo

tours in Pattaya_open zooKhao Kheow (pronounced cow-keeaw) means green mountain in Thai. It is an open zoo that allows you to bring in your own vehicle. Some animals will be roaming around so don’t be surprise if a monkey suddenly snatched some of your belongings. At Khao Kheow you may feed the “less dangerous animals” such as deer, giraffes, rabbits, and zebras. Animal lovers, you all have to come check this place out. Kids and adults will enjoy taking pictures of the animals as well as feeding them and even petting some of them.


Nong Nooch Garden

tours in Pattaya_nong noochThis vast botanical garden is covered in endless beds of flowers, greenery, and breathtaking landscape. Nong Nooch Garden also houses the most species of orchid flowers in Thailand. Apart from exotic plants and flowers, this Garden also has elephant shows and ancient drum performances.


Pattaya Dolphin World

tours in Pattaya_dolphin worldOn the list of family-friendly tours in Pattaya this is by far one of the most popular. Here you’ll see dolphins performs tricks and dances, something every child (and a fair number of adults) likes to experience. Other activities for visitors include rock climbing, archery, gun shooting, and a variety of theme park games.


The Beaches

pattaya tour_beachThis may seem obvious, but a great activity you could do with your entire family is to have fun on the beach. Build a sand castle (or bury half your body in sand), play beach ball, go swimming, and enjoy freshly-made seafood. Older children could even try banana boat ride and parasailing.

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