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Family vacation can put unity to a test. It can be an opportunity for family to bond or it can turn into a bickering nightmare because everyone wants things ‘my way’. How come he gets to sit in front? I think we should go shopping first! I’m hot! I’m tired! I’m hungry! I want to go to the toilet, I hate all of you! I want to go home! All this sounds familiar? One of the reasons for family vacation bickering is because of age differences. Adults for instance, may want to visit a historical site whereas kids would have nothing to do with that. There may even be places like the amusement park where children and teenagers could go have fun but older grandparents might not be able to go on the rides so they could only sit and watch. Wouldn’t it be great to find a destination that both kids and adults can enjoy together? Here’s a little destination to try out: Singapore. That’s right, although Singapore is a small island country, but it has so many exciting and breathtaking attractions for people of various age groups. The things to do in Singapore are endless and the great thing is that this country is very safe and easy to navigate. Below is a list of six places we recommend for you to go with your whole family the next time you are in Singapore.


Universal Studio in Singapore

things to do in Singapore_Universal StudioThis is the first Hollywood movie theme park in Southeast Asia. The iconic rotating Universal globe at the park entrance will get you all excited as you enter into a world only seen in movies. There are thrilling rides, exciting shows with special effects, colorful parade, and awesome photo spots. There will be a little something for every age group to enjoy. For instance, if you want to get an adrenaline rush, try Revenge of the Mummy ride or Battlestar Galactica roller coaster. However, if your young kids or elderly parents opt for something slower, there is the Madagascar merry-go-round and water boat ride. On top of that, there are numerous shops that sell collectibles of your favorite movie and animation characters. Lunchtime is a bit of a hassle here because there are a lot of people waiting to eat at the same time and since most people come as a group, most of the restaurants will be packed which makes it difficult to find a seat. In general, things are expensive in Singapore, and this theme park is no exception. But hey, it’s not every day that you get to come here, so take this opportunity to splurge a bit.


Singapore Zoo

Singapore_zooSee animals from all over the world in one zoo! You’ll get to see animals from the rainforest of Asia to animals from the continents of Australasia and Africa.  The zoo also started a new exhibition zone called the ‘frozen tundra’ which has animals from the cold tundra region such as polar bears and wolverines. And if you think that wolverine is a comic book character from X-Men, then you have to come to Singapore Zoo to see the real wolverine in person. The zoo also offers assorted activities for children to participate in like riding a pony, rainforest obstacle course, petting animals, and animal shows. Perchance your feet get tired from all the walking, hop on the open-air tram and let it take you and your family around the zoo.


S.E.A. Aquarium

SEA AquariumVenture into the underwater world and see fabulous sea creatures without getting wet! This is a beautifully designed place with aquariums installed into the ceiling and walls giving you the feeling of walking in the middle of a water wonderland.


Flower Dome and Cloud Forest

Flower Dome and Cloud ForestWant to know more about what to do in Singapore? Then come visit the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. When you step into these two climate-controlled glasshouses, you’ll be in awe as you gaze upon the spectacular view of flowers and exotic plants under an enormous glass dome. If you like taking pictures then this is the perfect place for you.


Adventure Cove Water Park

water cove adventureSwimming can get boring. Why not turn swimming into a fun adventure? At Singapore Adventure Cove Water Park, the aim is to do just that—make swimming fun! Kids will love the shallow wading pool with fountains and young adults will enjoy multiple thrilling water slides.


Singapore Night Safari

singapore night safariAs the name suggests, Singapore Night Safari is a safari for exploring animals that are active at night(nocturnal). Venture into the deep dark jungle and meet the Malayan tiger, clouded leopard, Asian elephant, and red river hog — just to name a few. Carnivorous animals are kept behind barriers while the plant-eating ones are allowed to roam freely. Children and adults will be delighted to see and learn about many rare and endangered animals. A great way to enjoy the Night Safari is to ride a tram that will take you and your family into the animal’s domain. Also, don’t forget to try delicious Asian buffet at the Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant before you leave the zoo.

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