Full Day Adventure at Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary

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Full Day Adventure at Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary


Phuket tour_Ton Pariwat Wildlife SAnctuary

Phuket is well known for many beautiful beaches and gorgeous islands. When people purchase a one-day Phuket tour package, it is usually comprised of a trip to one of the famous islands:  Koh Phang Nga, Koh Phi Phi, and Koh Similan. These islands are very popular among foreign tourists and it’s no surprise that some people decided to settle down here.  The seaside is a terrific way to spend your island vacation, but if you want to explore other natural attractions around Phuket, try Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary in Phang Nga province just north of Phuket.


Ton Pariwat Waterfall

Phuket tour_Ton Pariwat Falls

Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary is a vast area of protected forest complex that houses rare species of birds and flowers. The most iconic element in this sanctuary is the Ton Pariwat Waterfall. You might have to do a bit of trekking to get there but the trip is worth the sweat. The waterfall is simply breathtaking, perfect for taking pictures. You could even take a dip in the cool refreshing pool or just sit and relax at the shallow part of the water and admire the school of fish. For many people, a good tour in Phuket means spending time on the beach. Although beaches are awesome, a waterfall will give you a different feel that is just as awesome. The best part of this? Less tourists so you’ll get a chance to take in the spectacular view.


Elephant Trekking & Bathing Baby Elephants

Aside from the waterfall and endangered bird species, Ton Pariwat is also known for their elephants.  Try elephant trekking that will take you on the back of an elephant through the jungle and river of Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary. You’ll ride on an elephant and see things from higher places. However, be advised that it could be a bumpy ride. After your ride, the next thing to do is bathe baby elephants. You will be in the river with them so be prepared to get sprayed with water. These adorable animals will love a little pampering time.


White Water Rafting

Another great activity not to be missed is white water rafting. If you’re up for a little thrill, this is for you. You will navigate the gushing river in an inflatable raft with a guide, a lifeguard, and other raft mates. There will be couple of paddles onboard and it’s up to you and the whole team to make sure the raft doesn’t crash into rocks or capsizes in the water. There will be unavoidable screams and laughter as you and your team fight the obstacles on the rushing river. As with most outdoor activities in Thailand, make sure you put on sunblock, and also don’t forget to bring a towel and spare clothing because you will get wet.





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