Best islands for your Phuket day tour

October 3, 2017
Chiang Mai tours for your winter vacation
October 17, 2017

Thailand’s Seasonal Islands Open Their Shores

If you are looking for a slice of tropical paradise, set your sites on the Similan Islands.  They are just an hour-long speedboat ride away from Phuket, making them an ideal destination for a Phuket day tour . Some of the islands are home to turtle-hatching programs and off-limits to tourists, but these three castaway keys open their powdery shores a few months out of the year, and it is about to be the season for Similan sea and sun. Plan your trip  mid-late October through to mid May to have a privileged peek at these powdery shores.



Koh Similan

The largest island in the Similans, Koh Similan is surrounded with crystalline waters and stunning natural rock formations.  The water is so clear, that you can even see your boat’s shadow as it slides along the ocean floor. A popular activity is gliding across its smooth surface on see-through canoes. You will enjoy an unobstructed view of the coral and colourful fish below.  The island opens October 15, so dive in while you can and make Koh Similan a stop during your Phuket day tour.



Koh MiangPhuket one day tour_miang

Koh Miang is the heart of the Similan archipelago, a collection of 11 picture-perfect islets. Home to the National Park headquarters, this island is a great place to tap into the wilderness on a camping trip, or cozy up in a thatched beach bungalow.  Koh Miang bands with two other islands to form the gorgeous Hideaway Bay. The shelter of the surrounding islands protects Koh Miang from the elements, making it the optimal island escape.



Koh Bangu 

Koh Bangu is a diving mecca, known for its behemoth underwater rock formations.  There are rocks the size of ships with secret swim-throughs that divers can explore, making for a thrilling underwater excursion. You will run into vibrant creatures such as parrotfish, angelfish, and giant moray eels, just to name a few.  Come to Koh Bangu, and discover the mysteries of the sea and acquaint yourself with the plethora of exotic sea life.

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