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October 17, 2017
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December 22, 2017

3 Awesome Pattaya tour ideas

Pattaya has three things that many tourists are looking for — awesome attractions, vibrant nightlife, and low cost of living. The things you could do at Pattaya from morning till night are endless. If you want to explore this city in the day, here are three Pattaya tour ideas for you early birds.



 Khao Chi Chan

Pattaya tour_Khao Chi Chan

Buddha Mountain (Khao Chi Chan) is about twenty minutes from Pattaya. The first step in creating this massive Buddha silhouette involved the use of laser beam to outline the image.  Gold tiles embedded into the silhouette emit a gleaming aura which catches the attention of anyone who pass by. From Pattaya, you have the options of driving your vehicle, hiring a motorbike (if you’re going alone), or renting an open-air pickup truck (songtaew) if you’re going as a group.



Sanctuary of Truth

Pattaya tour_Sanctuary of Truth

As part of your Pattaya tour, don’t forget to visit the Sanctuary of Truth. The craftsmanship of this building is surreal as is evident by the intricate details of the celestial sculptures. If you think the outside looks impressive, prepare to be even more amazed when you go inside! Walls and ceilings filled with carvings of deities will have you wondering whether you entered a temple or an art museum.  The design for this all-wood building revolves around Buddhist and Hindu teachings. You’ll see theme depicting heaven and earth, enlightenment, and virtue.



Art in Paradise

Pattaya tour_Art in Paradise

A great way to spice up your Pattaya day tour is immersing yourself in Paradise, Art in Paradise that is. This interactive 3D Art Museum will have you and your family giggling with delight as you  strike up a pose against the optical illusion paintings.  There are dozens of scenes for you to unleash your creativity from ‘Egyptian World’ to the ‘Safari of Africa’ so make sure to have your camera charged and ready to snap awesome pictures!



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