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April 5, 2017
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April 27, 2017

Enjoying One Day in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

Siem Reap is best known as the gateway to Angkor Wat and the rest of the Angkor Ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The UNESCO site includes not just the temples but also hydraulic structures, canals, and reservoirs that together make up close to 400 sq km in what is arguably the most important archeological site in Southeast Asia.

Given the extent and breadth of the Angkor ruins and their importance to the former Khmer Kingdom, Siem Reap has become a tourist wonderland, packed with hostels and boutique hotels, day and night tours, and plenty of thumping beats from nighttime bars. But beyond those magnificent ruins, travelers often get in and out of Siem Reap without exploring a bit more of what the ‘tiny’ town has to offer. Here are my suggestions for activities in Siem Reap to round up your temple visits in the region.


Visit the Landmine Museum

The Cambodian Landmine Museum and Relief Facility was established in the late 1990s by ex-child soldier Aki Ra, who, after years of fighting, returned to the villages where he had planted landmines and began defusing them by hand. From this beginning, an official NGO was established to clear landmines in villages throughout Cambodia. The museum raises money both for the landmine clearing, and to fund its newer school and dormitory for amputee children.


Enjoy a traditional meal

Must try list of Cambodian food

  • Yellow Khmer Curry Paste (Kroeung)
  • Green Curry and Taro Stem Soup with Bacon
  • Grilled Lamb Chops with Ginger Sauce
  • Curried Beef Stew with Fried Shallots and Peanuts
  • Crispy Calamari and Prawns with Pepper–Lime Sauce
  • Fish Baked in Curry Custard (Amok)
  • Chicken and Green Mango Salad


Take A Food Tour

Sample some of Siem Reap’s finest street food on an evening of some of its night markets.  Taste the seasonal fruits grown in and around Siem Reap, such as dragon fruit, mango, and tiny (but sweet) pineapples. The brave can try the stinky king of all fruit – the mighty durian! Learn about the spices used in local recipes, and hear about traditional remedies.

Try a local picnic spot and wander around the food stalls, where you might find fried tarantulas, fried crickets, green mango with chili and salt, ducks eggs, and much more.

Save room to sample local delicacies at a fancy restaurant in Siem Reap or visit a dessert stall where fruit shakes, fruit served with sweet condensed milk, and baked puddings are a specialty.


Watch Sunset at Angkor Wat

Tipp: Most tourists head to the western side of Angkor Wat to watch the sun go down and see the outline of the buildings reflected in the moat. Travel instead to the east side of the complex and you’ll leave the crowds behind and be presented with equally stunning views.

The outline of the temples will be silhouetted against the glowing orange and red of the sky – a truly striking photo opportunity.




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