Hidden paradise – Koh Kham island

February 8, 2017
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February 8, 2017

Koh Kham is an island paradise with hidden beauty beneath the ocean and breathtaking scenery above on land.

Spend your day basking in the sun by the crystal clear emerald waters, walking along unspoiled white sandy beaches, hiking natural trails or snorkeling amongst a spectrum of colored coral and fish as vast as a rainbow, all while marveling at the natural beauty of this tropical island paradise. Grab a snack or a drink at one of the small shops where local vendors welcome you with warm smiles that the Thais are famous for throughout the world.

At The Asia Inc., we take great pride in our responsibility to protect the natural beauty of the destinations we offer on our website and we are the only operator licensed to offer tours to Koh Kham island, by virtue of an Exclusive Agreement with the Kingdom of Thailand. To ensure that your stay on the island is relaxed and completely stress-free, we will provide everything you need to enjoy your time, including snorkeling equipment, life jacket, private tent, beach chairs and mat. It is our sincere hope that by working together to protect the integrity of Koh Kham, your time here will become a cherished memory that you will forever treasure.


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