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New Years, New Adventures: Asia 2018 Travel Trends

2018 Travel Trends - Longtail Boat

New Year, new adventures. Goodbye 2017, welcome 2018! It’s a new year, and here at The Asia we are celebrating the only way we know how: by collecting tours for the intrepid traveller. Here, we’ve pulled together 2018 travel trends, and our recommendations for tours and trips you can book to experience it all first hand. After all, what are we if not trendsetters? Staying ahead of the curve and staying hip to trips is our New Year’s resolution. With that in mind, here are the 2018 trending travel styles and locations.

1. Wellness Travel

There has been a recent surge in wellness holidays, with people designing their trips around healthy living. Travelers want to come back from their vacations with more than just a tan; they want to return calmer, fitter and more balanced. The ideal wellness holiday will enrich the body and mind, pushing travellers to discover both the destination and better versions of themselves.

2018 Travel Trend - Erawan Waterfall


  • The curative benefits of being surrounded by lush landscape are countless. In Kanchanaburi, Thailand, the Erawan Waterfall is the ideal place to escape into nature. With seven levels leading to seven waterfalls, each lovelier than the last, the Erawan National Park is one of the prime places for hiking in Thailand.  Retreat into the glorious wilderness, dive into the depths and treat yourself to a fish spa. The garra rufa fish will nibble off your dry skin and leave you feeling soft and smooth. The Rock Valley hot springs are infused with herbs that will rejuvenate you and leave you feeling relaxed.
  • In Vietnam, receive a healthy dose of TLC on the Thu Bon River with the Hoi An Massage Wellness River Cruise. Go into 2018 feeling utterly pampered. On this Hoi An tour, you’ll get just what the doctor ordered: massages, facial treatments, and stunning scenery.

    2. Island Hopping

    Island hopping never goes out of style. Bouncing from beach to beach is a great way to drink in a variety of exotic locations, and with thousands of pristine islands in Asia there is always something new to see.

    2018 Travel Trend - Koh Phi Phi Island Tour


  • Cruise the Koh Phi Phi islands on a Phi Phi island tour. You’ll get to know Thailand’s playful personality on stops to Koh Phi Phi and Bamboo island. Zip across the waves on a speed boat tour of Coral Island, another amazing beach destination not far from Phuket.
  • Sihanoukville is really hitting its stride in the new year. This Cambodian city is chock-full of charm.There are plenty of things to do in Sihanoukville, but island hopping on the Three Sihanoukville Islands Tour to Bamboo Island, Koh Chaluh, and Koh Tres is on the top of our 2018 travel list.

    3. Cruises

The dreamy, gentle pace of cruises gives you time to take in the bucolic scenery along on the shore. Spend a day living the slow life.There are all kinds of great times to have on the water, whether you want to follow the ebb and flow of local life or are looking for a luxury travel experience.

2018 Travel Trend - Chiang Rai Trekk


  • In Vietnam, the Hoi An Fishing Tour off the Cua Dai harbour will give you a look at local fishing villages, handicrafts, and banks lined with coconut palms. Cast your line and learn how to catch fish in the traditional Vietnamese style of net fishing.
  • Along Thailand’s central coast, the Pattaya Snorkeling Trip is a luxury yacht excursion that takes you to  Koh Phai, Koh Rin and Koh Ped, all while in the height of comfort. Pattaya has some of the best snorkeling in Thailand, so come on in—the water’s fine.
  • In northern Thailand, the Karen Hill trekking tour in Chiang Rai leads you on a local getaway across the water to the long neck Karen Hill tribe. You’ll learn about traditional Thai village life, trek with elephants through a dense jungle, watch incredible arts and crafts unfold, and enjoy the beauty of rural Thailand.

4. Natural Adventures  

Are you ready to get extreme? Adrenaline chasers are going to revel in this 2018 travel trend, because new adventure tours are cropping up left and right. Zipline, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, and many other heart-thumping activities are becoming more readily available to action-lovers.

2018 Travel Trend - Chiang Mai Rafting


  • On the Zipline White Water Rafting Orchid Farm in Chiang Mai tour, you’ll witness the full force of Thai nature as you plummet across the skyline. It is a must if you are looking for exciting things to do in Chiang Mai.
  • The Cambodian Kayak Ream National Park in Sihanoukville tour invites gung-ho travellers to step up their game. If you’re a thrill-chaser looking for things to do in Sihanoukville, this kayaking tour is right up your alley. As you paddle across clear waters, you’ll be completely caught up in the excitement of interacting with nature.
  • For something a little less hands-on and a little more laid-back, the Chiang Mai Elephant Trekking Bamboo Rafting tour gets you out in the jungles on Thailand’s most beloved animal, to a vibrant orchid and butterfly farm, and onto a traditional old-style raft across the Mae Tang river. From land to water, this tour is a non-stop journey into the deep.

    5. Cultural Journeys

Travelling to expand the mind and surround oneself in local culture has become a huge trend. Now more than ever, there’s a focus on immersive travel and learning about a country’s traditions and way of life.

2018 Travel Trend - Bangkok Nanta Show


  • One of the hottest travel destinations in the world, Singapore will always be in vogue. The Captain Explorer Dukw Tour in Singapore takes curious visitors to all of Singapore’s key sights and locations, such as the Merlion Park and Marina Bay Sands, with guides providing fascinating information about Singapore’s wonderful personality.
  • A country’s traditional dance and expression of culture can teach you a lot about its history. Jeju, in South Korea, has the famed foodiethemed Nanta Show, where you can watch talented performers dance and create music with non-traditional objects. This exciting extravaganza gives you a peek behind the curtain of South Korean culture. It is a multi-generational masterpiece entertaining all ages, so whether you want to go solo, or bring your family along, you will be having a great time.
  • The Alive Museum in Jeju Island is an interactive museum that shows you a bit more of South Korea’s artistic culture. Pose for hilarious pictures with 3D illusion-art displays that allow you to become part of the painting. You’ll learn about the more playful, humorous side of Jeju at the Alive Museum, and get a feel for the unique art and photography scene blooming there.

6. Historical Holidays

Do you live to solve the mysteries of history? Get in line! More and more people are going on historical tours to uncover the fascinating past of Asian countries. It’s no secret that Southeast Asian travel destinations have long and intriguing histories. Jump on the bandwagon and learn the origin story behind some of the most interesting places in the world.

2018 Travel Trend - Angkor Wat


  • My Son Sanctuary in Hoi An, Vietnam, teaches visitors about the ancient Cham Pa kingdom. The Tra Nhieu weaving village and the Kim Bong carpentry village harken back to old world Vietnam. The Valley of Kings will have you feeling caught in time.
  • Uncover Bangkok’s captivating past on a rice barge cruise to the ancient island of Ayutthaya. As you go on an old-fashioned rice barge cruise to Bangkok’s famous Bang Pa In Royal Palace, you will be taking in the fantastic sights along the banks of the Chao Phraya. This Bangkok tour takes you to Ayutthaya, which has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site in honor of its architecture standing as lasting memories of Bangkok’s rich past.
  • In Cambodia, see the highlights of Siem Reap’s jungled landscape and historic temples all in one whirlwind day on the Best Temples in Siem Reap Tour. You’ll learn about Khmer history and architecture as you visit Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world; Angkor Thom, the capital of King Jayavarman VII’s empire; and Preah Khan, with ruins and stove carvings hidden within the wilderness, to name a few of the regal relics you’ll scout on this fun-packed eight-hour excursion.

    7. Mountain Exploration

Climb to new heights! There’s no better to see a view than from grand high, which is why climbing holidays have climbed their way onto our top travel trend list. Panoramic scenes are plunging us headfirst into the charm of Asia’s premier places.

2018 Travel Trend - Doi Inthanon Chiang Mai


  • Climb the highest peak in Chiang Mai on the Doi Inthanon National Park Tour, and get lost in the wild beauty of Northern Thailand. Waterfalls, stupas, markets, and local villages all lend a hand in making this tour the experience of a lifetime.
  • Danang, a city just outside of Vietnam’s Hoi An, has a host of outdoor activities. On the Hoi An to Danang City Tour, you’ll explore the Marble Mountains, a cluster of five marble-and-limestone mountains, each named after a different element: Kim (metal), Thuy (water), Moc (wood), Hoa (fire) and Tho (earth). You’ll climb to the summit of Mt.Thuy, and from that vantage you’ll have an unrivalled view of the other peaks and surrounding landscape. The tour also takes you to pagodas, villages, the Thuan Phuoc Bridge, and many more Hoi An attractions.

    8. One-day Vacation

With so many things to see and so many fun activities to choose from, squeezing as much as you can out of exotic locations becomes the number one goal for the expedient traveller. As everyone tries to balance busy schedules with bucket-list trips, the one-day vacation is emerging as an all-star tour strategy.

2018 Travel Trend - Sai Kaew Beach


  • Trips like the One Day Sai Kaew Beach in Pattaya  in Thailand give you the most out of your day, leaving you with a lifetime of memories. Visit the gorgeous and fragrant  Nong Nooch tropical botanical gardens, see the famed golden Buddha carved into Buddha Mountain, and boat across a bustling floating market; each activity will give you something new so you make the most of every day.

    9. Food Excursions

Two thousand eighteen? More like two thousand eating! Food tours are being served up hot, attracting foodie fanatics from all over the world. Getting to know a culture through its cuisine is a fun (and satisfying) trend that we can really sink our teeth into.

2018 Travel Trend - Food Exursion at Korea House



  • Chinatown, Bangkok gives you a taste of Thai and Chinese cuisine blended seamlessly across Thai street-food stalls and restaurants. If you’re a foodie looking for a real Bangkok city tour, this one is a tasty treat. Tuck into Bangkok’s most famous dishes on a tour of Yaowarat Road, stopping along the way to admire classic Chinatown sights, including Wat Traimit and the Chinatown Gate.
  • Nibble on delicious Korean dishes on a Trip to Korea House Seoul. You’ll watch traditional dance and music performances, see ancient martial arts demonstrations, learn about the Korean war, and try royal Korean recipes passed on through generations. It’s the ultimate combination of food and fanfare that will delight your sight and appetite.
  • If you are a fan of luxury travel and are looking for a romantic night out with your partner, you’ve hit the jackpot.The Sky Dining Singapore Cable Car takes you high above Singapore city. You’ll be swept up by the energy of the evening as you gaze out at the active night scene and lit up landmarks, and dine on a four-course meal comprised of Singapore’s greatest culinary hits. Let the ambiance and cool, white wine stir your senses.

    10. Local Living

    2018 Travel Trend - Doi Suthep and Doi Pui in Chiang Mai

Livin la vida local is becoming increasingly popular with globetrotters. What better way to acquaint yourself with the heart of a place than with a  trip to the countryside? You really get a feel for a  country’s personality when you go on a local getaway. These transformational endeavours create a more authentic and well-rounded experience of a country. Put yourself in the shoes of the locals and see what the lifestyles are truly like.


  • The Doi Suthep National Park Doi Pui Hmong take you to local Thai villages, where the way of life has remained unchanged. This immersive travel will allow you to get to know the villages, see the people’s day to day activities, eat classic Thai dishes, and explore Chiang Mai’s more rustic locations.
  • The Jeongeo Wall Painting Village in Busan Tour takes you through the local favourite Songdo Beach, an active fishing village; the colourful and artsy Gamcheon Culture Village; and the largest fresh seafood market in Busan, for a well-rounded experience of this Korean vacation destination on the rise.
  • The Ba Trang village in Hanoi, Vietnam is a great example of the country’s longstanding love affair with art. On the Vietnamese Culture Tour you’ll visit the Bat Trang traditional pottery village, the Dong Ho folk-painting village, and the sacred But Thap pagoda. On the outskirts of the city in Hanoi’s countryside, you can really get a feeling for the rural lifestyle. As you watch local artists use traditional methods to create exquisite final products, you will be enchanted by their artistry and way of life, and leave with a deeper appreciation for Vietnamese craft.

So now that you know what the top ten 2018 travel trends are in the upcoming year, that leaves us with one question: how are YOU going to spend your 2018? These travel trends hold a world of possibilities for the voracious voyager, and we have given you the travel inspiration you need to hop on board and join us in a year of living life to the fullest. Let your wandering shoes lead the way into a new year of adventures.


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